FileMaker Consulting

Fileshake is a Western Australian based FileMaker developer servicing Perth and regional based businesses. Build modern FileMaker 17 apps with Fileshake and take advantage of accessible cloud, integration and mobility opportunities.


One powerful cross platform for connected, anywhere custom apps in a fraction of the time.

FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary. The platform is a proven and incredibly powerful choice for all sorts of businesses and environments.

FileMaker Pro 17

One platform to build custom apps to manage data, documents, media. Windows & mac.

FileMaker Server 17

Cloud or local server. Multi user solutions, backups, accessed on any device.

FileMaker Go 17

Run FileMaker apps on your iOS device or connect to your FileMaker server apps. Deep integration with device functionality including camera, location and more.

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Complete UI and app logic customisation

Deployment control

Business intelligence 



Document and file management

For real world teams

Where most platforms fall down, FileMaker stands out. So you need robust applications to support teams who function in areas with poor connectivity. Build native, offline apps that run on FileMaker Go on iPhone or iPad. Sync to FileMaker Server when you can.

With a background managing and working within large teams in regional Australia, Fileshake gets real world Australian business situations .

Natural resource management
Resources sector
Field service & transport
Sales teams
Native Integration features

A process built for you

Your team will appreciate your app build project from start to finish. Fileshake spends more time understanding your business operations. Using custom built collaborative project management app (Airtable), we can track requirements and tasks in realtime.





Train and support