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Ultra Customer service

One software and digital content partner

A more complete digital business solution with a focus on software and digital marketing strategy. Fileshake can rapidly build a full picture of your business. An accountable extension of your team.

Business grounded, process driven

Hamish Maclean has a solid business background and is naturally creative and design driven. He has always gone the extra mile to help his teams and customers.

Sales & key account management B2B

Business intelligence

Process and systems improvement

Offering development and marketing

Marketing and communications management

Content production

Agribusiness, Finance, Recruitment, Trading

Regionally based

Fileshake is based in Geraldton, Western Australia. At the front line of core industries such as agriculture, mining and fishing.  Working with all sorts of teams including marine, health and pharmaceutical, construction, environment, building, education and non-profit organisations.

Local - worldwide projects

Develops the knowledge of your business, customers and team to drive better outcomes.